What does Wilje


Online services

Wilje Online’s online services include WordPress website development, hosting & maintenance and search engine optimization. From basic to custom solutions, Wilje helps you online!

The website we develop for you, we create with WordPress. This is the largest and most flexible CMS in the world. Whether you are going for a basic website or looking for custom solutions.

WordPress website

Selling your products online. That’s what we like to help you with. We develop WooCommerce webshops with all the integrations you can think of. Links with iDeal, CRM software and accounting packages. Everything is possible.

WordPress webshop

Your website, like a car, needs regular maintenance. Because we go for quality, we only host on servers in the Netherlands with the best hardware & uptime.

Hosting & Maintenance

Do you want to be better found in Google? Then we will make sure your website is instantly findable from the very first moment. You can also contact us for an extensive SEO-project.

Search engine optimisation

A WordPress plugin that completely fits your questions and needs? Wilje Online can develop a custom and unique WordPress plugin for your website. Customizable and fully tailored to your needs.

Plugin development



We may call ourselves, without bragging, driven and experienced designers. We are focused on creating unique, user-friendly & attractive designs. We have a preference for online, but also for print design.

Web design is our first love. Contemporary, user-friendly websites. From functional design to live-go.


Web application designs require a different approach than websites. User experience is the main focus

Applicatie development

Besides web design, applications, apps, and social media design, there is much more to design. In addition to online applications, we also like to focus on print designs and corporate identities.

Huisstijl design