WordPress websites

WordPress is the largest CMS in the world. The CMS is easy to learn and very easy to scale up. Are you looking for a fast, professional and user-friendly WordPress website? Then read all about our approach here.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System. Simply put, it is a web application that allows you to publish data on the internet. WordPress is currently used by 35% of all websites (!).

We use WordPress because it is light, scalable & easy to use. Anyone can learn to work with WordPress. Besides creating websites, nowadays applications or native apps can also be developed on it. The possibilities are endless.

From basic to customisation

By default, we do not work with purchased templates. A website must be fast, smart and scalable. That’s why we make all our websites from scratch. This allows us to create a unique website for each of our clients.

We can also develop plugins that exactly meet your needs. This way we can build certain functionalities into your website that specifically do what you want. By the way, we are not averse to using certain plugins, as long as they are of good quality. Think for example of a plugin to improve your website security.

The security of WordPress

We still hear, “But, WordPress has a lot of security problems, doesn’t it?” If that were the case, not 40% of the web would run on WordPress.

The fact that the CMS is so big makes it vulnerable to “hackers”. In quotes, because many hackers are automated scripts (or bots) that scan the web for vulnerable websites. To make sure our WordPress installations are secure, we always provide a number of visible and invisible security implementations, on top of the security that WordPress Core itself offers.


Data security is not automatic. The list of vulnerable systems is growing daily. A good security of your website is therefore of immense importance.

Security is of paramount importance to us. Based on a number of checklists, including those of OWASP, we ensure that your website and the (personal) data on it are secure.

Are you curious if your current website is secure enough? Contact us for a free security scan.

Easy to manage

When we create a website or platform for you, we make sure it’s easy to keep track of. Adjusting texts, adding a photo, it’s all done in a jiffy.

Of course you want to be in control of your own website. We will give you an instruction upon delivery and after that you can get to work. Something you can’t get out of? No problem, we are ready for you!

Affordable websites

Our websites are affordable. Because we have used and developed many modules, plugins and templates over the years, we are able to deliver quality WordPress websites at a great price.

Top quality websites deserve extra attention. We create fast, functional and user-friendly websites, with your budget in mind. Curious about the possibilities?

Maintenance & updates

Our websites come with a standard service package. This ensures that your website is safe and continues to function properly.

With our service package we take care of keeping the website and all plugins used up to date. In addition to our service package, you can also opt for extra security measures. More information about hosting & maintenance.

Search engine optimisation

Upon delivery of your website we will make sure that your website can be found in Google. However, do you want to go a step further? Then we can help you to get higher in Google.

Our goal is high: to get your website as high in Google as possible. You are always dependent on factors such as competition, your commitment and a clear focus. We are happy to help you!

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