Search Engine Optimisation

Want to get higher in the Google results? We call that: search engine optimization (SEO). We can help you get higher in Google.

A rocksolid SEO plan

We’ll discuss your wishes with you first. What are your ambitions on Google? Would you like to be number 1? On which keywords do you want to be found better?

After taking stock of these and other questions we will make a plan together. This plan will state what we are going to do, how much time we will put into it and what you can expect from us. After that we can get to work.

Improve your findability

Google has different requirements when it comes to findability. We adapt your website optimally to these requirements. It is a process of constant planning, adapting and fine-tuning.

For SEO a number of things have to be done: Optimizing the website, (constantly) improving the texts on the website and link building.

There are three important elements that we take into account in SEO:

The technical optimization of your website
Improving the texts
Provide valuable links to your website

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Monitor, evaluate and adjust

SEO is an ongoing process. It doesn’t stop after editing your texts. The competition doesn’t stand still either.

That is why we monitor your site and send you a report of the improvements. On the basis of the report, we will discuss the plan with you again. Is it going in the right direction? Where can we adjust the plan? The process starts all over again.