Plugin development

A WordPress plugin that completely fits your questions and needs? Wilje Online can develop a custom and unique WordPress plugin for your website. Customizable and fully tailored to your needs.


You can see a plugin as a certain functionality on your website. For example, automatically scheduling an appointment or showing your portfolio.

In WordPress you can find a lot of plugins. And the possibilities of plugins seem endless. But if you run into the possibilities of a plugin and notice that it does not fully meet your needs and wishes, you can also choose to have a custom WordPress plugin made. Custom WordPress plugin is what we call it.

Around the table

The development of a WordPress plugin starts with determining your issue. What are you missing on your website and how can a plugin change that in the near future?

It could be that you already have experience with plugins in WordPress It could also be that you are a layman and are just looking for advice. This is the first step: together we will look at your wishes and requirements. So that we can create a fitting plugin for you.

Functional Design

Once we know what your brand new plugin should be able to do, we can start working on the first version of the plugin.

We call this the functional design. A plugin consists of a series of complicated codes. You are not going to be able to judge your new plugin by all this text in a Word document. That is why we first make a functional design. We will only continue once you have approved the functional design 100%.

Colors, shapes and fonts

As soon as you give the go-ahead, we will start working on the design of the plugin. Of course we will take your corporate identity into account.

So that your new plugin fits in with the rest of your website. We will take into account the colors, shapes and fonts that match your website and look and feel.

The resulting plugin is called the visual design. This is a prototype of the plugin, so together we can see if your WordPress plugin works. And you can present the plugin to colleagues, for example.

Develop & install

When everyone is satisfied, we will fully integrate the plugin on your website. We will make sure the code is completely correct, so you don’t have to go into the technical stuff.

We will install the plugin on your website and make sure it goes where it needs to go. After that we will do a test run, before the new plugin can go live. And can be used to the fullest.

Have your own WordPress plugin developed?
Challenge us. If you dare.