Hosting and maintenance

Need webhosting, domain names or maintenance of your website? When we develop a website for your organization, we can also manage and maintain the website. Our hosting is flexible, secure and reliable! Ask us about the possibilities for your website.

Reliable and good hosting

Good hosting is fast and reliable. That’s why we only run our websites on the best hardware and can guarantee 99.9% uptime.

The cheapest package, we prefer not to burn our fingers on it. With cheap hosting you often end up with a lot of other websites on one server. We want to make sure your website is safe and fast. This is not only pleasant for your user, Google will also include it in your ranking.

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Maintenance of your website

All the websites we host are regularly maintained. WordPress gets automatic security updates. All major updates and maintenance on our themes are done manually to ensure that your website continues to function optimally.

Good maintenance is essential for a working website. The template of your website, the plugins used, they all affect each other. With our service package you can be sure that your website is always perfectly online.

Timely backups

Where people work, mistakes are made. You don’t want to be surprised. That’s why we make sure we always have some copies of your website.

When you host your website with us, we make daily backups at our hosting party. On top of that, we also do backups. This way you can always step back in time, should you accidentally delete something.

Need fast hosting & WordPress maintenance?

We are happy to help you online.