Application development

In recent years, we have designed web applications for various organizations. An example is that of 1Blik. Web applications require a different approach than websites, because these often depend on the right functionality.

Map your wishes

That’s the first step. We jointly draw up a list of requirements and functionalities.

Do you want the back end to be made in Ruby? Would you like a front-end with Angular or React? Or you don’t know and prefer to be advised? No problem. In terms of functionality we only stop when we understand exactly what your application should look like. Not to irritate you, but so that the end result is exactly what you have in mind.

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Structure & functionality

The structure determines the structure of the application and the functional design shows which functionalities the application contains and where they are placed.

If you wish, we will make a prototype so that you can click through the application to get a feel for how it works. Everything according to your wishes? Then we convert the design into a UI design.

Colors, shapes, fonts

Once the functional design has been approved, we get to work on the design. Based on your wishes and any house style, we will make a design that fits this.

We always put the visual design in a prototype, so you can click through it and get a good idea of how it works. This way you can also present it to colleagues or other stakeholders.

Application hosting

Applications often require more than one server than regular websites. Especially when the number of users is growing.

That’s why we always advise to host on our own VPS, or at a service of your choice. This could also be Azure, Google or Amazon. Ask for the possibilities.


Safety is our top priority. Not only because the law requires us to do so, but also because the data of your customers must be safe.

In cooperation with you, we discuss what you find important in the field of safety and how far you want to go. 2-factor authentication, insight into users or extra attention to file security? You’ve come to the right place.


After completion of the design phase, the application is developed. We do this ourselves, or we work together with our partners. Depending on your wishes.

The type of technology, and how advanced your application is, determines how we proceed. Of course, we discuss all the possibilities in advance.

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