The online services of Wilje Online consist of WordPress website development, hosting & maintenance and search engine optimization. From basic to customized solutions, Wilje helps you online!

WordPress development

The website we develop for you, we create with WordPress. This is the largest and most flexible CMS in the world. Whether you’re looking for a basic website or custom-made solutions.

WordPress websites

You want to make your products marketable online. We want to create the best and most accessible webshops. A good time for an introduction? We would love to help you with your custom WooCommerce webshop.

WordPress webshop

Your website, just like a car, needs regular maintenance. Because we go for quality, we only host on servers in the Netherlands with the best hardware & uptime.

Hosting en onderhoud

Do you want to be findable in Google or Bing? Then we make sure that your website is instantly findable from the very first moment. You can also come to us for an extensive SEO process.

Zoekmachine optimalisatie

A WordPress plugin that completely fits your questions and wishes? Wilje Online can develop your own unique WordPress plugin for your website. Customizable and fully customized.

Plugin ontwikkeling