We prefer to design sleek, functional and surprising websites.

Inspiration, brainstorming & sketching

Every design for a website starts with an idea. We sit down together to map out your wishes and ideas.

How do you want to do that? The possibilities are endless. Maybe you already have 100 examples to show us, maybe you don’t have an idea yet. We’ll help you turn your thoughts into concrete ideas for your website.

The functional design

A website design is just the visual design. It’s also about the structure.

We’re talking about the location of the menu, the placement of buttons. It’s about all the parts that have to do with the interaction of a user. An important step in the design, because it lays the foundation for the visual design.

And then…

After the first important steps, we can now get started with the design! Your ideas, wishes and thoughts from the first phase will now be converted into colours, buttons and other designs.

We always do this in a number of phases, which we discuss with you beforehand. This way we remain flexible and can quickly switch if you prefer the button to be green ;).

Responsive as a starting point

We design mobile-first. That means we always take mobile devices into account.

Actually, this piece of text should be superfluous. More and more people visit websites on their mobile phone or tablet. That’s why mobile designs are a matter of course.

Ready with the design?

Only when you are completely satisfied, we can start building your website.

In need of a new web design?

We like to think along with you!